Raspberry Mint Sparkling Sipper

Summer!!! It’s finally here in full force. The last two weeks have been gorgeous with temps in the 80’s, which is my kind of weather! I’d take being hot over being cold any day.


And on these deliciously hot summer evenings I’ve been enjoying a Raspberry Mint Sparkling Sipper. So refreshing, and so simple! It is hardly a recipe but I thought I’d share.


I try and go for a walk most evenings after work, and last week I’d enjoy one of these drinks to re-hydrate after my walk. Such an easy way to jazz up a plain glass of water. Make this sparkling sipper when you are looking to quench your thirst in the scorching days of summer!


Raspberry Mint Sparkling Sipper

Serves 1

16 oz of plain sparkling water

1/4 cup of fresh raspberries

4-5 mint leaves

To make this spritzer, simply muddle the mint in the bottom of your glass, add in the raspberries and pour the sparkling water over top. Enjoy!


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