What I Ate Wednesday #124

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re having a wonderful week and soaking up these last few weeks of summer!


Last Saturday I finally made it to the farmer’s market in my neighborhood, and it was great! I had a chocolate croissant that was flaky, doughy and simply scrumptious!


I also bought a kombucha, chai ginger flavor, which sounded really good. Unfortunately I thought it had an odd aftertaste, so I didn’t drink more than a few sips.


I went and got a haircut midmorning, then came home for a nice chilled, lunch. It was salad with lemon rice, boiled potatoes with BBQ sauce and fresh, juicy watermelon!


That afternoon I snacked on the last of my fudge brownie I bought at a coffee house the day before. Still delicious!


I also had some Mary’s Gone Crackers! Thanks for the suggestions Laura :) These are wonderful. Perfectly seasoned and not too salty!


Later that afternoon I went to Starbucks and had a chai frappacino while I was going through emails. Is it weird that it felt so good to finally clean out my inbox!?


Dinner was a lovely picnic outside. I had a veggie burrito with guacamole and some white wine mixed with sparkling water. Such a wonderful evening hanging out outside!


I ended my night with chocolate chips and pretzels as I watched a movie on netflix. A sweet and salty treat to end the night!

Have a wonderful rest of your week!




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