What I Ate Wednesday #126

It’s Wednesday! And you know what that means! Another installment of What I Ate Wednesday. This time it’s WIAW: Camping edition.


Last Saturday I got up early to run a few errands (the bakery and farmer’s market) before heading out to go camping with two of my best friends from Undergrad. At the farmer’s market I picked up tons of lovely fresh veggies, and also this almond croissant for breakfast. It was filled with almond paste and was delightful.


Midmorning my stomach was feeling a bit upset so I snacked on some dry Chex cereal.


And a few blueberries as well.


Luckily I felt a bit better by the time we were driving to the campsite! Here we are at leg one of our trip, stopped at the park ‘n ride to meet up with our other friend!


I also snacked on some graham crackers while we were waiting. I had to break into the s’more stash for the evening, but we still had plenty left!


Once we got to our camp site we decided it would be best to pitch the tent right away. I’m not sure any of us had ever pitched a tent before so we thought that should be a priority in case we ended up being there until nightfall, haha.


Although we had no instructions, we dominated the tent-pitching process! MU represent.


Lunch was a tasty bagged lunch: pb sandwich, grapes, crackers, and trail mix. I haven’t bought trail mix in forever, but this Monster Mix from Target was delicious. Chocolate and peanut butter chips!


We went for a hike around the lake that afternoon, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.


Look at those red pines!


After our hike we went back to go start our fire. We weren’t sure how long that would take either! But after a little bit of time, patience, and nurturing, we had a beautiful fire! We were so proud of ourselves, and we decided to have some s’more appetizers before dinner. Best idea ever.


Dinner was fun too! Pudgie pie pizzas. Yummy veggie filling! Placed in the coals for about 3 minutes and then you had a golden crusted, ooey gooey cheesy pizza pie.


We also had a little wine by the fire. It was wonderful just hanging out and chatting by the fire!


Later that evening we played some games, like Scattegories and Cards Against Humanity. I snacked on some plain mallows as we went along.


Then it got too dark to see anything so we spent the rest of the night by the fire. It was so peaceful to sit around the fire and listen to all the summer sounds of nature! We had such a wonderful camping trip and cannot wait to do it again next year!




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